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About Vassa Metal Roofing

We are proud to be an entirely Canadian owned and operated metal roofing company headquartered in Ontario, Canada. In business as a metal roofing company for more than 20 years now, we have had ample time to develop specializations in various metal roofing product lines. Not only are we passionate about the metal roofing business, we are also proud to be offering the best metal roofing products and longest warranties available. Vassa Metal Roofing is a metal roofing company that primarily sells, installs and provides warranties for GERARD Metal Roofing products because we know from experience that steel metal roofing products always live up to our customers' expectations. Owned, operated and managed by Tony Kavai, Vassa Metal Roofing is one of the only Canadian distributors and Ontario metal roofing contractors carrying GERARD metal roofing products.

We always knew that metal roofing was better than asphalt and other temporary roofs. We come from a place where permanence and sustainability are a priority. We only supply and install Classic Aluminum because we know there is no better roofing system in Canada.

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