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Psychic Medium - Patty Mac is a gifted Clairvoyant, Psychic and Medium who has felt the pull towards mysticism for as long as she can remember. Psychic Medium Patty Mac started her studies into the unknown and the Spirit Realm at the age of 17. Since that time, Patty Mac has been connecting with Spirits of your loved ones and deceased pets to bring messages to clients through her psychic/medium-ship work by bringing healing to loved ones and on this side. Psychic Medium Patty Mac uses different modalities for each reading, such as energy reading and aura reading, as every relationship with spirit is different. As you sit for a reading Psychic Medium Patty Mac intuitively feels the energy of your loved one as her energy rises to meet the energy of the Spirit on the other side. She then gives a message of love and healing by being guided by the Spirit to give you the messages you need. Psychic Medium Patty Mac helps you to connect, heal, and move forward.

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